Recover your Films and Records from Paul Davis Halton/Hamilton-Wentworth

Properties across Burlington are prone to damage from floods and fires. While the brick and mortar structures are the first to be fixed, how do you help the paper goods that were damaged? If the disaster was severe enough, things such as passports or business archives are difficult to revive alone. That's why you should call Paul Davis Halton/Hamilton-Wentworth. Our team has extensive specialized training in document refining processes. Call us for more information.

Documents We Recover

Paul Davis Restoration leads photo restoration for commercial and residential locations in Burlington. We use advanced tools from our specialty center to renew your films and records after flood, fire or mold damage. Some of the most common restoration projects include:
  • Files, Magazines, Manuscripts
  • Library Materials Compact Discs, Diskettes, Laser Discs, Magnetic Media
  • Audio and Video Tapes
  • Data Files, Vital Records
  • X-rays
  • Print and Digital Photographs

How We Treat Photos & Documents

There are various solutions for your photos and documents depending on what caused the damage. For photos that have been soaked, we use desiccant drying and thermal vacuum-freeze dryers made to salvage books, archives and paper materials. These treatments normally finish the job almost completely. For smoke-damaged photos or documents, Paul Davis has neutralization techniques such as particulate removal sponges and ionized air washing. In addition, we will improve alignment and framing issues for portraits and photos. Realignment and framing services are only a part of the services we offer. We also include re-jacketing, de-acidification, document copying and imaging.

Get details from Paul for Document & Photo Restoration

Your photos, documents and other paper records are precious to your family or business. If a flood or fire hits, it can be tough to decide what needs to be saved and what can be let go. Paul Davis Restoration will organize, sanitize and save your records and photos so you can return to normal life. Get more information photo and document restoration and other Paul Davis Halton/Hamilton-Wentworth services with a call or click today.